And So It Began

Three weeks ago, my bride and I strolled into Pikes Peak Harley Davidson to have a look around.  Now understand, we had been trying to figure out what type of motorcycle(s) to get, if we were really going to get one.  We looked at individual bikes, CANAMs, and everything Harley. 

On this particular day, we saw a Tri Glide in my favorite color.  That’s a trike for those of you that are bigger noobs than me when it comes to Harley’s. Now of course, I still can’t tell a Fat Boy from a Skinny, or a Soft Tail from an Ultra, but I love Harley’s.

Anyway, back on track here, I bought a Harley three weeks ago.  My bride and I wanted to look like Harley folks, even though we wouldn’t look like the die hard Harley rider, so we got the jackets, gloves, head cover thingies, and of course helmets.  Lucky for us, the dealer gave us $1000.00 in-store credit, so the price was very reasonable.  The dealer also threw in the rider safety course, bonus.

I got my rider safety card yesterday, so I’m heading to the DMV tomorrow to get my stamp on my driver’s license.  Ssshhh, don’t tell the Po Po, but we took a ride today.  We had to take a ride, because that beautiful Tri Glide has been sitting in the garage since I bought it and I’m almost legal now.

The maiden voyage was very nice to say the least.  We rode for about 40 miles.  We even got to do the cool biker wave thing a couple of times.  What a feeling.

Next week, we’re going farther.  Stay tuned.


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