Have License Will Travel

This week’s adventure included 2 days of riding, but first there was the DMV.

I arrived at the DMV about 30 minutes after it opened. I may have wanted to arrive 2 hours and 30 minutes before it opened because the place was packed. My thought, when I walked in was that it shouldn’t take that long since I was getting my motorcycle license. Good thought, not true.

I was the only motorcycle person waiting to be seen, but as the lady at the check-in counter stated, “oh those letters and numbers at the top of your ticket don’t mean anything.” Well the estimated wait time on the ticket didn’t mean anything either. It said 14 minutes and some change. 2 hours and 45 minutes later I was standing in front of Larry the Lounge Lizard trying not to laugh because I knew he was the only thing between me and a license.

After standing in front of Larry for what seemed an eternity (he had technical issues with his terminal and had to go see a supervisor), I had completed all of the required administrative stuff except getting my picture taken. Larry said for me to have a seat until I was called, but it wouldn’t take long. And I believed him…

30 minutes later, I got my picture taken and my old driver’s license with VOID stamped on it back. As I stood there staring at my once valid license, the lady told me I’d have to keep this (she handed me a piece of paper) temporary license with me until I received the real license in the mail. “Don’t tear or mangle it” she said. “Mmk” and I folded it up and jammed it in my wallet, and then I was on my way.

Shouldn’t have to go see Larry or the DMV for another 4 years or so I hope. Better yet, I’ll use the internet and pay the additional fee just so I don’t have to see Larry.
With the memory of Larry and the DMV far behind me, I set my sights on riding my trusty HOG (that’s Harley talk for you non-Harley people) to work on Friday. What a beautiful day to ride the trike, even though it was to work.

My normal commute to work is 17 miles via the interstate. I took the long way to work and back home. I don’t know how many miles that is, but then again, I didn’t and don’t really care. I was legally riding my Harley and I loved every mile of it.

Speaking of love, my bride and I took the trike out on Saturday. Aside from the time together, we didn’t do anything spectacular besides cruise downtown and around the city. Somewhere in there we stopped for a bite to eat at Tokyo Joes, where we’ll never go again. Japanese cuisine it is not, hippie tree hugging food it is.

Of course we made a stop at our favorite Harley dealership. Had to let my bride do a little shopping since she won a $100 gift certificate when we went to the new Harley owner’s get together. She was thrifty and only got one thing, a black bandana (of course) with multicolored dragon flies on it. “It’s cute” she said. “Yes love, it is.”

Until next time, happy trails.


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