250 Miles and Counting

You read that right, 250 miles in this week’s adventure. 

Amazing, it only seemed like 50.

Spring time in Colorado can be pretty incredible.  This weekend, my bride and I had the pleasure of riding on both Saturday and Sunday, taking in the fine Colorado weather. 70 and 80 degree temperatures at 5-6,000 feet is pretty darn good for riding a Harley in my book, but don’t take my word on it, ask the 100 or so other bikers we passed along the way.

Saturday’s ride took us from in and around Colorado Springs, and on to the whopping metropolis of Falcon, CO. I remember when Falcon was a gas station and nothing more. Now, Falcon has a Wal-Mart. Pffft, what else does a town need I ask? We stopped in to see this Mecca and were not let down by the country folk come to town. We even saw a few Wal-Martians walking about, which I loved. Did I mention I have a calendar on my desk called 365 Days of Wal-Mart, just in case I miss my daily viewing of Wal-Martians?

From Falcon, we backtracked to town and visited Pikes Peak Harley Davidson. Once there, we saw Walt cooking up something on the grill that smelled pretty good, but we didn’t stop there. We ventured inside to see his lovely wife Teri who runs the apparel section. As always, Teri was wonderful in every way. We got a couple of new head thingies so we’d look cool. Not that were didn’t look cool at the time, but so we could look cool at a different time, especially my bride. You know Harley chicks have to look cool all the time, and sometime even look cute.

Shopping can work up an appetite, so we headed for Pueblo, CO for some Mexican vittles. We stopped in at the Harley dealer on the edge of town before eating. The place was nice but much smaller than Pikes Peak Harley Davidson. We ate at the Cactus Flower, which is a nice place just off the beaten path. We’ve eaten there a lot over the years and I can only remember once not getting a good meal, which is not too shabby in my book. As a side note, if you’re a movie buff of any kind, you might recognize the name Cactus Flower as a movie. I think Burt Reynolds was in it.

From Pueblo, we headed home. Somewhere along the way, from the beginning of the day to the end of the day, we put 150 miles on the trike. It’s like the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun, but in this instance, it was miles.

Ah, Sunday, and yet another beautiful day. We started out at about noon, riding over to Birddog Barbeque for some lunch. It’s not southern BBQ, but it filled a void in my round tummy.

Earlier I said spring time in Colorado can be pretty incredible, well it can be. Once we left Birddog Barbeque, we set a course for Woodland Park, CO. The temperature must have been close to 80 when we started out. Starting up the mountain, we detoured through Manitou Springs, a favorite place for folks to visit on the weekends. I’m really not sure what the attraction is with Manitou Springs, but like all the other people that go there, we like it.

Back on the road, we climbed the mountain to Woodland Park. This was the ride of the weekend in my opinion because of the twists and turns. Woodland Park by itself is just a little town with some shops and place some people call home, but to ride up the mountain, even in a car, can be pretty cool. Today was that day, and it was cool, literally.

As we rode up the mountain, you could feel the temperature dropping, nothing sudden, like sticking your head in the deep freezer, but enough to actually feel the change. Once we arrived in Woodland Park, the temperature was probably in the 60s, and it felt great. We stopped at Starbucks for a drink and sat outside. From our vantage point, we had a spectacular view of Pikes Peak, one I had never noticed. There we were, sitting in comfort, and just across the way was a snow covered mountain. Now that’s cool, and I’m not talking temperature or looks with head thingies on.

Back on the road, we head for our humble abode, down the twisting turning roads of the mountain. Another 100 miles logged and a great time spent together with my bride. I can’t wait for next weekend. Until then, cheers.


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