To The Castle, Part 1

We made it to a minor milestone. We hit 1,000 miles on the hog in the earlier part of the week and it had its first servicing. Next service, 2,500 miles. Next milestone, 5,000 miles.

Another weekend, another great ride. On Saturday, we started the day by visiting Pikes Peak Harley Davidson, much like we do every week. The smell of yumminess meant Walt was grilling, but we weren’t there to see Walt. Teri, Bree, Rick, and the rest of the Harley house were all there, but we weren’t there to see them either. This visit was to get our Blue Tooth head communicator thingies set up, and that meant Christina. She wears a beautiful ring by the way, just ask my bride. Thanks to Christina and her trusty partner Nicole (thanks ladies), we got the head communicator thingies working, only took an hour. That was the good news. The bad news, shutting power off means you have to do it all over again. We’ll work on that. For now, my bride and I have the ability to talk to each other (unless we’re on the open road doing more than 65 mph). On to the ride.

We headed south towards Colorado City and Rye. Colorado City is just a little blip on the road. They have signs everywhere pointing away from the road towards normal town of things, but after seeing all those movies where the tourist takes a wrong turn and ends up chain sawed to death or worse, we decided to stay on the main road.

Rye was a little bigger blip in the road, and they had everything in plain sight, so we took it all in as we drove through town. Rye, although much smaller, reminded me of Prattville, AL with churches on every corner, except there weren’t too many corners in Rye. The road to Rye was a nice two lane, winding upwards, but you couldn’t tell it. We saw it on the way back out.

I don’t know how the people of Rye feel, but for a small town, they are in a great place when it comes to placement. Rye is nestled up against the hills, on the road to the San Isabel National Forest, which is a mere stone’s throw away. The road passes through the forest, which is just starting to come alive after winter. There are patches of snow along the road, naked Aspens, and a great smell of nature as you travel the road. Coming over the top of a hill and then down, we saw the waters of Lake Isabel. We stopped to take it in.
Lake Isabel

Bike Lake Isabel

Leaving Lake Isabel behind, we traveled higher and farther into the forest. What a great ride, switching back and forth, but not too much; still the smell of nature, so fresh and ever present. As we were traversing a small hill that bent to the left, we came upon Bishop’s Castle (, draw bridge and all.






Bishop’s Castle is still a work in progress by a man named Daniel Bishop. Alone, he has built this castle as seen in the pictures. It’s quite a sight to behold knowing this was all done by one man’s hand. So if you’re like us, you’re probably wondering what the story is that goes with the castle. With the look of “I don’t know” I have to say your guess is as good as mine at this point. What I do know is this; Mr. Bishop has issues with the government. There are signs everywhere stating one thing or another about the government and us citizens. And if you’re thinking it’s the current administration, you’d be wrong. This goes way back beyond the present day, but when, I don’t know. I’m just glad we weren’t there when he was armed with his megaphone, delivering his message.
Gov Msg

We put Bishop’s Castle behind us and back tracked to the highway. The ride was just as good as it was the first time through. With the interstate a few miles ahead, Mother Nature decided to drop some water on us ever so slightly. It was 3 o’clock anyway, so we made a stop at Obie’s Filing Station where they serve Texas style BBQ. Pretty good food for the ride, not a place I’d go out of my way to eat at.

Tomorrow, we ride again.


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