Mother Nature, You Spoiler

The plan for this weekend was going to be awesome. First order of business was to attend the local HOG meeting. Following the meeting, I was going to ride to Mount Evans with not only my bride, but with other members of the local HOG. Then, my bride and I were going to break off from the group and head to Loveland, CO to go to the Candlelight Dinner Theater to see Damn Yankees. Along comes Mother Nature to throw a kink into the plans. *shakes fist* Mother Nature, you spoiler.

The past week has seen lots of turbulent weather, to include heavy rain, hail, and even tornados. Not good news for motorcycle riders. I did get some riding during the week, but nothing close to what was planned. The weekend was no better, as weather was much the same.

Just so you know; Mount Evans is the highest paved road in the US. From interstate 70, where the elevation is 8,700 feet, you ascend the mountain where you pass through 3 life zones, viewing ancient trees, lakes and forest to the land above timberline. Finally, you reach the summit, which is 14,240 feet, making it one of the 54 “fourteeners” (mountains with peaks over 14,000 feet) in Colorado.

As much as it pains me to say, we drove to Loveland. It was dryer than it would have been on a bike, but not nearly as much fun. None the less, we attended Damn Yankees at the Candlelight Dinner Theater. It was very entertaining, and a good time had by one and all…two of us.

Fear not, I will be riding this coming weekend. Mother Nature, so the weatherman says, will be backing off to allow some drying. The plan is to ride with some old friends on Saturday, no idea where at the moment. Sunday, Father’s Day, I’ll be joining a group of fellow HOG riders from the local chapter to venture to the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

The following weekend will be special, as it is the wedding anniversary of my bride and me. We will be riding (I hope, if Mother Nature allows) some very beautiful roads through the mountains to Winter Park. From there we will ride the highway to Estes Park, and then down to Loveland. This route, at a minimum, will take us over four mountain passes/summits over 10,000 feet. I can’t wait.

Until next time, cheers.


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