Be Careful Out There Bikers

Over the weekend, there was a hit and run accident on Hwy 24 that involved at least one motorcycle and a pickup truck. Commenters on the story say there were two motorcycles and 3 riders, all of which will be ok. Seeing as our local newsies don’t always follow up on their stories, we can only assume the driver of the pickup is still at large.

Chances are, the driver of the pickup was in the wrong and fled the scene due to any number of reasons to include drunk driving or driving without a license. The accident itself got me to thinking about the riders I have seen on the road, not counting the crotch rockets.

You make choices when you ride, choices that can have consequences. You ride with or without a helmet, a choice we have in Colorado. But why does one person on the bike have a helmet and the other doesn’t when two people are riding together? Mysterious when you think about seeing a guy with a helmet and his girl or kid doesn’t have a helmet.

You’re always taught to be seen when riding, but why do I see solo riders on low profile bikes wearing next to nothing, or wearing all black to match their bike? Sure, they look cool, but out on some two lane highway in the hills or mountains they may not be that easy to see, especially when transitioning from a shadow to the sun, topping a hill, or coming out of a curve.

I saw a fellow biker on a beautiful midnight blue Street Glide the other day. The guy was wearing Chuck Taylor (Converse) shoes, shorts and a t-shirt, and some goggles. If he were to have gone down, his eyes were the only thing somewhat protected, and due to what he was wearing, he would not have gotten any style points from the ambulance crew, but I guess his injuries would have been easier to spot. Not this kid, even when I do ride without a helmet, my body is covered.

My bride and I didn’t ride this weekend. We took the weekend off to rest and relax, consider some yard improvements, and test drove some new cars to potentially replace what she currently has. It wasn’t as fun as a Hog ride, but we enjoyed the time together.

We will be riding over the Fourth of July weekend, so I’m pretty excited about that. We’ll be in the area of Vail, Aspen, and Glenwood Springs, covering a lot of miles up and down the mountains. Hopefully Mother Nature cooperates.

Until next time, cheers.


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