Yard Work

Fellow bikers and readers, *sigh* there was no adventure this week I am sorry to say. I did manage to ride the Hog to work a few times, and I did get the Hog serviced, but due to much needed yard work, the was no fun permitted.

As I write, the rain is falling hard. I mention this because I have a five foot stretch of dirt that mat or mat not be washing into the street at this very moment. You see, I have spent the past two days excavating a section of the front yard to lay 12 inch and 18 inch stepping stones. When you look at the area you’d think it wouldn’t take too long, but here in lies part of the problem.

It’s just dirt. Fill dirt I believe is what they call it. No nutrients, and nothing wants to grow in the front yard. Despite the numerous attempts to fertilize, even having Chemlawn service, nothing good wants to grow in the front yard. Excavating the yard and making it waterless is the plan now, and the work I started this weekend is the first step in getting to waterless, or xeriscaping to be more accurate.

Hopefully the rain hasn’t made too much of a mess so I can try an get a rock foundation completed tomorrow evening. I was able to compact just over half of the area before quitting. Hopefully the rain hasn’t made the task more difficult.

Hopefully next weekend there’s an adventure.

Until then, cheers…


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