Back in the Saddle

You have to hate it when real life gets in the way of pleasurable things like riding the Hog. Such is life. Good news though, my bride and I ventured out over weekend. But first, here’s a quick picture of the not so wonder dog Bart and my daughter.
Two miles into our ride, we eclipsed 5,000 miles. Not bad for less than 5 month’s ownership. I knew we’d make it to 5,000, but I figures it would be at the end of August to round out 5 whole months of riding. Pretty respectable I’d say.

The main portion of our adventure this weekend was Cripple Creek, CO, a place we have traveled before. This weekend was the 22nd annual Salute to American Veterans Rally. This year, the rally welcomed the 75th Infantry Rangers Reunion. P Company – AKA “Papa Company” 75th Rangers were the northern most Rangers during the Vietnam War. They were the long range patrols, the eyes and ears, for the 5th Mechanized Infantry Division.

As one can imagine, a Remembrance Ceremony was held to honor those that have given all. The centerpiece of the tribute was to the United States Military Veterans. The members of “Operation Red Wings” were memorialized with the dedication of a bronze plaque in memory of the 19 Navy Seals, Army Night Stalkers and Airborne Rangers who were killed in action on June 28, 2005. Marcus Latrell, who was the surviving member of the SEAL Team that was compromised when the team was spotted by local nationals, wrote the book Lone Survivor. In the book, Latrell tells the true story of what true heroism, dedication and brotherhood really mean.

As one can guess the trek to and from Cripple Creek was beautiful, as expected. The town of Cripple Creek did a great job hosting the rally. If you arrived in/on anything other than a motorcycle, you were rerouted somewhere other than main street. Main Street belonged to the bikers. I could have posted pictures featuring all of the awesome bikes, but considering the weekend, only two are necessary.

It was s short adventure this weekend, but a meaningful one to all in his/her own way. I’m sure a lot of new memories were made as old memories were shared.

Until next time, cheers.


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