Black Forest Animal Sanctuary

Visiting Friends and Peter Pan

After a long week of work, it was great to be back on the Hog. We had no course in particular to take on Saturday, we just rode. Actually, we have had a few people ask if we had taken CO 105 to Palmer Lake, so why not.

We began the ride by visiting our new favorite donut shop, Amy’s. I think Amy has the best donuts anywhere. And it makes the ride so much better starting out with the sugar rush. Crank up the music and hit the road.

Once on the road, we took a city street through the older part of town north. Pretty nice seeing old houses that have been kept up over time, despite one or two being used by fraternities. Weber was the street name, which is one block over from Nevada. Nevada, which was to our west, is the home of Colorado College. Colorado College is famous for two things that I am aware of, hockey and partying.

Once we reached the north end of town, we caught Hwy 83 north out of town. Great Hwy to take to Denver when you want to avoid the interstate. Per the sign, we were about 20 miles outside of Colorado Springs when we came to CO 105. My first thought was, here we go, since all the people that had told us about the ride spoke highly about it.

Winding through the woods, we passed a lot of beautiful homes. Shaded all the way through, it made the ride cool. CO 105 crosses over Interstate 25, so we complied. At this point, we were in Monument, which is a small town (north of Colorado Springs) by the looks of it, but is actually much larger and spread across rolling hills.

Continuing along CO 105, we came into the small city proper of Palmer Lake. Another small looking town with a couple of eateries and mom and pop shops, but we didn’t stop. We pressed on. CO 105 is a nice winding road that takes you through the hills east of the mountains. There were a few twists and turns, but nothing challenging. There were lots of farms and ranches. One ranch that we passed was home to exotic animals, or so the sign said. Not sure about animals, but we did see a camel. We decided to turn around and return the way we came. My thoughts, yes, it was a nice ride but not what everyone had told us. Maybe they should follow our lead and take some of our routes.

Back on Hwy 83, we paid a visit to the Black Forest Animal Sanctuary. The Black Forest Animal Sanctuary is a great place where I have volunteered and have friends that volunteer much of their current day lives. They rescue animals in need, take care of animals, and adopt animals out amongst other things. Here’s a few of our friends.

First, my favorite, Homer.
No farm can be complete without a pig name Wilbur. Black Forest Animal Sanctuary has one pig, Wilbur.
And then there’s Yeti.
There are so many other names and faces. Here’s a few faces.



It was time to head back to town, so we said farewell. I love going to Black Forest Animal Sanctuary.

Once we got back into town, it was time for a snack.
Not one of our more memorable rides, but we rode, which is important…to us. 103 miles together with my bride, doing what we love the most, spending time together. Tomorrow we’re heading to Never, Never Land.

Up and at’em early Sunday morning, we headed to Johnstown, which is a stone’s throw south of Loveland. On the way there, the allergy monster attacked, making my ride sneezy and snotty. Not to worry, it was just an inconvenience, nothing to make for a bad ride.

We arrived in Johnstown with plenty of time to spare, so we went to Johnson’s Corner, a truck stop known for its cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls are the size of plates, big plates. The line was long for people waiting to get them. Just outside, we saw a truck that seemed out of place for the area.
And then it was time, time for the Candlelight Dinner Theater. We were there to see Peter Pan. It was the last performance on the final day. I don’t think they planned for the attendance that they had. It was a full house. They were short on staff, which put them behind. The show should have started at 1:30, instead starting at around 2:45. Intermission was at 4:00, so we left, not because we weren’t enjoying the show, but because of the three hour ride home. Attending a matinee was an experiment, so now we know we prefer the evening show. By the way, we know how it ends, so leaving early didn’t ruin it for us.

We made it home with sunlight to spare, but we didn’t escape a small rain shower. Smooth riding all the way home until we were actually back in Colorado Springs. One big cloud and we drove under it.

Next weekend is a three day weekend, and we are heading for New Mexico. Please stand by.

Until next time, cheers.